Happy 1st Birthday Wishes For Baby Boys And Girls

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You are looking for 1st baby's birthday wishes to give to your baby on the occasion of the upcoming birthday, so to choose from lovely, cute, and meaningful wishes, please refer to the article for details. Summary of 1st birthday wishes that Birthdaycakephoto.net summarizes below.

Besides small gifts or greeting cards, choosing for yourself good wishes to give to babies on their birthday is also something to be concerned about, to have the best 1-year-old birthday wish. Please refer to the article below and choose the best wishes.
Collection of 1st Birthday Wishes.

Most Popular 1st Baby Birthday Wishes & Messages

Happy 1st Birthday Wishes For Baby Boys And Girls

Best collection of 1 year old birthday wishes

  • You are still too young to realize how happy we are today. But pictures of your 1st birthday will always speak of our joys for having you!
  • May you grow up to be a handsome, wise, and strong man someday. May you be the real protector for those around you. Happy 1st birthday!
  • A sweet little baby girl like you is a blessing for everyone around you. Wishing you all the very best for your 1st birthday ever!
  • I wish you grow up to be as wise as your father and as polite as your mother. Many congratulations on your 1st birthday of life!
  • Our warmest wishes go to the little queen of this house, who is turning a year old today! Happy First Birthday, our precious fairy! We love you!
  • It’s a unique privilege for us to be here today. The cute little baby I know has spent a wonderful first year of his life. Happy birthday!
  • May the innocence in your eyes and purity of your face stay forever with you. A very warm wishes for you on this special day!
  • It’s just a year since you are born, but you have given us so many sweet memories to cherish for our lifetimes! Happy 1st birthday to our little star!
  • Happy 1st Birthday, little angel! You are the source of our happiness!
  • Happy 1st Birthday! May every year of your life be happy and joyful!
  • Our precious child, Happy First Birthday to you! Don’t grow up so fast please!
  • One year ago, we were blessed with an angel! Happy Birthday, our teddy bear!

Happy 1st Birthday, Boy!

Happy 1st Birthday Wishes For Baby Boys And Girls

1st birthday wishes for baby boys

  • You are so adorable and cute that you deserve the most spectacular birthday celebration. Congratulations on your first birthday of life!
  • Time flies away so fast and the little doll is already a year old! Happy Birthday!
  • Our darling child, Happy First Birthday! May that cute laughter never fade away!
  • Happy First of many birthdays to someone so dear and special to me! I am looking forward to watching you grow up into an incredible young lady! Best Wishes!
  • Happy Birthday to someone so special and sweet! May your day be blessed ten times over and filled to the brim with love. Happiest of Birthday to you, little boy!
  • I will never forget that phone call, one year ago today of your beautiful mama calling to announce your wonderful arrival! Happy 1st Birthday to my special little boy!
  • Happy First Birthday to your baby on their special day! May you make plenty of memories, take lots of pictures, and eat lots of delicious cake on this wonderful day!
  • God Bless you, my sweet one! May your birthday be the first of many where you are surrounded by love, family, and friends! Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday, Baby! You are 1 Years Old today! May you have many more birthdays and a lifetime of love, laughter, and happiness!
  • Happy Birthday to the baby with the most beautiful smile! You are the sweetest, most beautiful baby that has ever walked this earth.

Happy 1st Birthday, Girl!

Happy 1st Birthday Wishes For Baby Boys And Girls

1st birthday wishes for baby girls

  • Your smile brings joy to every heart. May the same joy follow you wherever you go and whatever you do in life. Happy birthday!
  • I have never seen more beautiful one-year-old baby girls like you. You really are one in a million. Happy 1st birthday to you!
  • Your sweet cuddly smile is simply the best thing anyone can wish to see after a long, exhausting day. God bless you little baby and happy birthday!
  • May you grow up to be daddy’s princess and mommy’s sweet girl. Anyone could see the happiness of your parents for having you. Happy 1st birthday!
  • You are such a wonderful little princess that any parents would love to have you. No wonder why your parents are so happy! Congratulations on your 1st birthday!
  • Your parents are among the luckiest parents to have such an amazing angel. Watching you smile is always a pleasure for the eye. Happy birthday!
  • Happy First Birthday to our little princess! The one year you have been with us has been the best year of our life. We love you so much!
  • You are such a charming baby girl that everyone in the house is delighted to see you. It’s a very special day in your life. Congratulations!
  • Happy 1st Birthday to a fabulous princess! May your wishes and dreams all come true to you, beautiful girl! I wish you a lifetime of happiness and success!
  • When you wish upon a star I hope all your dreams come true! Happy Birthday to the sweetest 1-year-old I know! I love you to the moon and back!

Above is a comprehensive list of some of the best and most meaningful 1-year-old birthday wishes. Along with these wishes and lovely gifts, children will surely enjoy them. Besides, you can refer to printing photos of your baby on birthday cake online at: Happy birthday cake with photo

Depending on your baby, you can also choose different wishes, you can refer to 1st girl's birthday wishes or good and meaningful 1st boy birthday wishes. There are many simple wishes that bring meaning as well as luck and peace to the children on their birthday.

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